Our Story

Where boldness
meets slow fashion

Designed to accentuate the essence of a woman’s personality, our blazers perfectly accentuate femininity and style through every season.

Every single one of our pieces are crafted from top quality fabrics that seduce the senses and withstand the test of time.

This is the Anne Karim promise.

Ida Fauziana Karim, more affectionately known as Anne, founded Anne Karim in London as a way to marry her love for one-of-a-kind pieces and passion for ethical fashion.


Each and every one of Anne Karim’s blazers have been designed to embody simplicity and confidence in its most elegant form – an ensemble that can perfectly transition from the office to a night on the town.


“In my opinion, a good blazer is a friend you can count on. The perfect outerwear item that doesn’t just complement your ensemble, it completes it.


But I couldn’t find a blazer that encapsulated everything I believed it should stand for – that it should look amazing and feel even better.


So, I made my own.” — Anne Karim


Meet Anne

Down to Details

​Discover craftsmanship at its finest in an Anne Karim blazer. We meticulously handpick the finest Italian and Japanese fabrics and hardware in each of our tailored masterpieces.


And we don’t just stop there.


Our team is made up of passionate individuals who don’t just love what they do, but are dedicated to making a difference in the fashion world.


That’s why wearing an Anne Karim blazer is so much more than just putting on a piece of clothing.


It’s an experience.

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